Magento 1 extensions

Please note our extensions are built for Magento 1 and will not be compatible with Magento 2.

  1. Grouped Products Pro

    Grouped Products Pro

    Turn your grouped products into customizable data sheets. Show associated products and attributes in a table to provide the ultimate overview of your product variations. Learn More
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  2. Dropshipping


    Send dropshipping emails to vendors containing the vendors' items for each order. Learn More
  3. Register After Checkout

    Register After Checkout

    Let customers check out as guest and offer them an account after completing the purchase. On the success page, simply enter a password and click register. Learn More
  4. Product Options Page

    Product Options Page

    Move your product's configuration options to a separate page. Give your customers a simple and clear call-to-action and ask for details after the decision to add to cart. Learn More
  5. Discount Link

    Discount Link

    Send out store links in your campaigns that will apply a coupon code automatically. Learn More
  6. Product Menu

    Product Menu

    Include your products directly in the category menu for quick and easy access. Learn More
  7. Category Dropdowns

    Category Dropdowns

    Guide customers to your products with a few easy selections. Display categories as dropdowns in an easy-to-use navigation block. Learn More
  8. Skip Checkout Step 1

    Skip Checkout Step 1

    Optimize the checkout experience by removing the first step (guest/register/login) from Magento's onepage checkout. Learn More